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Due to California's unique climate, we consider having high-quality access doors, panels, roof hatches, equipment, and accessories. Get to know about us today!


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Ceiling and Attic

Ceiling and Attic

Commercial buildings have ceilings and attics with large spaces behind them. Usually, contractors use these areas to hide several building systems such as electrical wires, plumbing pipes, valves, and other systems the building needs. When building owners need to have them maintained, maintenance personnel must access them without damaging the attic or ceiling surface. Contractors can help them access these areas by installing Ceiling and Attic access doors and panels.

When you get your ceiling and attic doors and panels from California Access Doors, we assure you that our products are made from high-quality materials all the time. Once you install our products on the surface, it will last for a long time without too much maintenance. You will also like our ceiling and attic access doors because it will provide a seamless finish, making them look almost invisible.

Do you need to follow fire safety rules and regulations? You can always choose our fire-rated ceiling and attic access doors, providing efficient protection. Or maybe you need one to use in your office? Usually, these areas have T-bar suspended ceilings, so it needs a specific access door to make it properly fit. Fortunately, we have T-bar suspended grid ceiling access doors you can purchase.

Do you have plans on purchasing our ceiling and attic access doors in the future? Make sure you give us a call right away so that we can have your orders prepared faster!

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