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Due to California's unique climate, we consider having high-quality access doors, panels, roof hatches, equipment, and accessories. Get to know about us today!


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Using quality floor hatches are essential to provide convenient access to the plumbing and wiring systems running beneath the floor's surface. Finding the right variety of access door for a specific situation can maintain the smooth operation of building utilities. It also prevents water and dust from infiltrating your vital components.

At California Access Doors, we offer a line of floor hatches that feature qualities such as flood tight, fire-rated, channel frame (watertight), flush steel, and flush aluminum. We also have those that are gastight, hinged recessed, and supports H20 loading. For narrow areas that need access, it is ideal to use our removable access doors. We also offer accessories such as aluminum wall-mounted ladders that you can use with the panels.

Some of our popular products are the aluminum floor access panels with a smooth flush plate from KARP. It has a resilient tile, abrasive coated, and embossed diamond pattern. These frames are convenient to install a rubber cork strip sealant. Moreover, we also have new standard duty watertight hinged floor access doors that are ideal for sturdy access in any concrete application. You can equip them with either a removable T-handle or stainless steel snap lock for operating assistance.

Check out the availability and pricing of our floor hatches on California Access Doors! For custom sizes and configurations, you can contact our product specialists, and they will assist you.

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