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Due to California's unique climate, we consider having high-quality access doors, panels, roof hatches, equipment, and accessories. Get to know about us today!


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Your HVAC system provides quality air to several parts of a building by utilizing a duct system. However, the HVAC system can only function whenever the maintenance personnel keeps the duct system in top condition at all times. Cleaning ducts is never an easy task because of the small crawl spaces. But when you install Duct Access Doors, cleaning and maintenance personnel can clean the ducts without a problem. You can find high-quality duct access doors here at California Access Doors

You can find some of our best-selling products like the .7" x .7" grease duct access panel that installs correctly on ducts found in kitchens. Restaurants usually have grillers that generate tons of smoke, so the best way to eliminate smoke is by using a duct system to suck it out and keep the kitchen clean. You can also find the specifications of the grease duct access panel:

  • 16 gauge galvanized steel construction
  • Includes duct cutout template
  • Bolts do not penetrate the duct's interior
  • It comes with two handles for easy operation
  • N.F.P.A. #96

You will not have any issues with your duct access doors when you choose California Access Doors. You can get in touch with an expert about our products at 1-800-656-1095. You should expect your products to arrive within 5-7 shipping days after confirming your orders.

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