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Top 8 Must-See Attractions in Silicon Valley

If you plan to visit Silicon Valley, you start by making a list - there are so many opportunities! Whether you like trekking, enjoying nature, visiting museums, or tasting fine wines, there is a place for you. As the home for many start-ups and global technology companies, there are also many high-tech buildings around the area.

Here are some of the must-see local attractions in Silicon Valley:

Apple's Company Store and Headquarters

Even if this shop also offers most of the same gadgets that you will see in any Apple store, some unique products are only available at the HQ. For instance, you will have the chance to buy select merchandise such as T-shirts, bags, mugs, bags, and pens. You don't want to miss stopping here on your Silicon Valley tour, or you will miss out on buying an "I Visited The MotherShip" statement shirt.

NASA Ames Research Center

Next up is the NASA Ames Research Center that you will see at Silicon Valley's heart. It started as an aircraft research lab until it joined NASA in 1958. 2300 research personnel work here with over $3 billion worth of equipment, so you can't tour inside the facility, but you can visit the Exploration Center and the Moffet Museum. It truly is an out-of-this-world experience!

The Intel Museum

Silicon Valley is famous for its technology and innovations, and the Intel Museum is where it's at if you want to learn about the history of computer technology. It features over 10,000 square feet (930sqm) of exhibits that narrate Intel's culture, and best of all, admission and parking are free!

Filoli’s Formal Gardens

When looking for a place to admire nature with a medieval architectural touch, Filoli is the right place for you. It is a beautiful state that consists of about 16 acres of formal gardens. You can visit it at Woodside and enjoy plenty of events throughout the year, including a centennial gala, autumn festival, and afternoon teas. It screams "fancy"! Besides exploring the state, you can also visit their aesthetic cafe and gift shop for some souvenirs.

The Winchester Mystery House

Are you fond of horror movies and mysteries? If yes, you should visit the Winchester Mystery House that will surely blow your mind. This mansion has 160 rooms and was under construction for nearly four decades. In 1884, Sarah Winchester bought this house with her $20 million inheritance when her husband, William Wirt Winchester, died. Sarah eventually began adding more to the estate, and as rumor has it, several workers died during construction and now haunt the mansion to this day.

Peralta Adobe

If you love history and visiting old infrastructures, you should consider visiting Peralta Adobe, the starting point of Silicon Valley. It is San Jose's oldest surviving building and also San Jose's Historic Landmark No. 1. You will find it listed in the National Register of Historic Places - another must visit to add to your list.

Stanford Memorial Church

If we're talking about exceptional infrastructures, one church always stands out: Stanford Memorial Church sits in the Main Quad of Stanford University's campus. Jane Stanford built it as a memorial for her husband, Leland, during the American Renaissance. It is the university's crown jewel with its majestic and awe-inspiring Romanesque Revival architecture. They offer weekly tours, so make sure to book, so you don't miss out!

The Tech Museum of Innovation

Another place for technology-lovers is the Tech Museum of Innovation. It offers a lot of hands-on activities that both adults and kids will surely love. It has a VR bird-flying machine, IMAX theater, and robot station. Whether you are a tech know-it-all or a newbie, you will surely enjoy your tour around this interactive museum.


Most people think that Silicon Valley is just about modern technology, but it has much more to offer. Whether you are a tech-lover or not, you will surely enjoy your time here. If you own a building in this area and want to maintain its modern feel, make sure to install aesthetic access doors to match the theme. Order them from California Access Doors or call our product specialists to get expert advice on choosing the best product for your commercial building!

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